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Pre-College Scholars: Summer Residential Program Parents

We are excited that your student is considering participating in our Berkeley Pre-College Scholars program! This program offers high school students the opportunity to be a part of a community of students enjoying their summer at Berkeley in a chaperoned program supported by UC Berkeley staff and Resident Assistant Mentors (RAMs).

We have a great program in store! In addition to taking Berkeley summer courses, Berkeley Pre-College Scholars: Summer Residential Program students will live in program housing and have the opportunity to participate in various extracurricular activities, workshops, and excursions. These activities are planned to help students connect, make the most of their Berkeley learning experience, and prepare them for their university studies.

Here are some things that you need to know:

General Information

What is the duration of the program? What are the fees, and what does that cover?

Eight week - Session C (June 22-Aug 14): $15,000 Six week - Session D (July 6 - Aug 14): $13,700

The Berkeley Pre-College Scholars residential program fee includes tuition and fees, housing, meals, orientation, excursions and activities, health insurance, tutoring, and academic advising, airport pick up, and on-site support.

Will my student's participation in the Pre-College Program give them an advantage when applying to UC Berkeley?

The UC application for undergraduate admission gives students an opportunity to indicate any course/s they have taken in addition to their high school offerings. Any academic work outside of the high school classroom is a valuable contribution to a college application, so your student should indicate the Pre-College course/s on the application. However, participation in the Pre-College Scholars Program does not give any extra weight to your student's UC application.

I hear that there are other UC Berkeley programs that are geared towards high school students. I am not sure which one is official?

*This is the official Pre College program of the University of California, Berkeley. Any agencies advertising this program at a higher cost are not affiliated with the program.


My student will finish one year of high school by the beginning of summer. Can they participate in the Pre-College Program?

No. Only students who have completed at least two years of high school are eligible to participate in this level of work. For information about a program for rising high school sophomores, contact the Academic Talent Development Program on campus.

I see under the program’s eligibility requirements that the student must be 16 years of age to participate. My student will still be 15 years old (or younger) by the start date of the program but they are very hardworking and can certainly take on a challenging course at UC Berkeley. Are you willing to make an exception?

Unfortunately, due to program policy and University policy regarding minors on campus, no exceptions can be made at this time. For this year, we recommend looking at the Academic Talent Development Program. We strongly encourage your student to submit an application for the Pre-College Scholars: Summer Residential program in the following year provided that they still meet our admissions criteria.

What happens after my student’s application gets accepted?

Once your student’s application has been processed, they will receive email notification of a change in their application status. When they log in to the application system, they should see an offer of admission to the Pre-College Scholars Residential Program. They are required to confirm their admission to the program within 48 hours of the notification being sent to them. After your student accepts their offer, they will have 48 hours to complete and submit the Course Enrollment Request Form. Once your student is enrolled in their courses by program staff, they will be assessed the program fee in CalCentral and will have seven calendar days to pay all program fees in full.


Does the Pre-College Scholars program offer scholarships?

While we do not have scholarships at this time, we do offer a sponsorship match! If a student's high school or community organization is willing to financially sponsor their participation in the Pre-College Scholar's Residential program, we will match their sponsorship and fully fund another student's participation in the Residential program that the high school/community organization chooses. Please note: students must meet the Program eligibility and admissions requirements.

My student got accepted into the program! How should we pay?

All program fees must be paid in full in CalCentral within seven days from when students enroll in classes, or they will be dropped from their classes. After getting dropped, students will still be responsible for paying the program’s full fees regardless, unless they withdraw from the program by the cancelation deadline by submitting the Withdrawal Request Form found in the admission portal. This form must be completed by any student admitted to the program who seeks to cancel their participation before the cancelation deadline (see below). Email and phone withdrawal requests will not be accepted. Students can pay their program fee via e-Check, credit card, or Foreign Funds. Please plan accordingly to accommodate payment processing times, which can take several business days

What is the cancelation deadline before the program fee becomes non-refundable?

The deadline to drop for a refund is Friday, April 10, 2020, and all fees will become non-refundable after this deadline even if the student is dropped for failure to pay.

Can my student receive a partial refund if there was a need to drop/withdraw from a class or leave the Pre-College Scholars: Residential program early?

Since the fees for Pre-College Scholars: Summer Residential program are charged as a flat fee, no partial refunds will be issued should a student withdraw from the program or drop any of its components (be it academic or not).

Course Information

What classes may my student take?

The student may take only lower-division courses (numbered 1-99) in Session C and Session D. For a list of available courses; the student should visit the Online Schedule of Classes. Your student may start looking for classes by clicking on "Choose a Department Name" or "Choose a Session." The online schedule indicates time, location, number of units, and the number of students currently enrolled for every course listed. Course schedules will be available in December 2019. Courses are subject to change.

Is there any specific course(s) designed for Pre-College Scholars high school students?

Yes. We do offer specially designed Pre-College Scholars tracks such as the Legal Studies Program: Civil Rights & Civil Liberties, which is available to high school students in the Pre-College program.

Will the grades my student receive in the Pre-College Program count towards high school requirements and/or high school GPA?

As a rule, Pre-College grades do not count towards high school requirements, AP credit, and high school GPA. However, for the most accurate answer, your student should contact the College/Career counseling office at their high school. Upon successful completion of the Pre-College course/s, your student will receive college credit (recorded on an official transcript) at UC Berkeley, which they can report when they are completing college applications.


Will my student need to apply for housing?

No. Students do not need to apply for housing as room and board are provided by UC Berkeley, and all participants are required to live in assigned residential housing. Students will live with other Pre-College Scholars program participants in dormitories within walking distance of the main campus. All students will be sharing rooms (doubles & triples) and will receive their housing assignments upon arrival. The assignments are not negotiable.

Where will my student live during the summer?

Students will be housed in Unit 3 complex. Unit 3 includes a dining center, main office, recreation lounge, laundry facilities, and the Academic Services Center. Rooms will have dressers, desks, mirrors, and closets. They will be under the full-time supervision of residential program staff RAs.

What is included in the meal plan?

Students will receive a meal plan that offers 16 three meals weekly daily. In addition, students will also receive 32 'flex dollars' which is an additional value to cover the rest of your meals. Your student’s meals and flex dollars will reset weekly, and that can be used in Cal Dining and retail locations on campus such as the Golden Bear Cafe and Pro Shop. Students can get meals in any of our four dining commons: Crossroads, Cafe 3, Foothill, and Clark Kerr. Cafe 3 and Crossroads are the closest to the Unit 3 residence hall. Additionally, UC Berkeley ranks among the top colleges for the best food and dining halls.

Living in Berkeley

Is the area around campus safe?

The campus is in the heart of Downtown Berkeley walking distance from theatres, restaurants, and shops. It is well populated at all hours of the day and early evening. We do recommend that if students are on or around campus after dark, they travel with friends and be aware of their surroundings. If they do not want to walk alone, they may contact the campus escort service, Bear Walk, which will provide a trained campus services officer to escort them to their destination (510) 642-WALK. Also, they may take advantage of the Bear Transit Night Safety Shuttles, which will take them directly to their destination. There is no charge for either of these services.

What happens if there is an emergency on campus?

Your student is encouraged to sign up for the "Warn Me" Emergency Alert Service. It is activated to contact students when there is an immediate threat to safety or health affecting the campus community. Warn Me can alert students by phone, text message, or email. You may contact your student at your discretion. The Warn Me service is not available to parents.

Personal/Academic Support

Where can my student go for academic support?

The first and most valuable resource for your student is their professor and Graduate Student Instructor (GSI). They typically schedule weekly office hours, which are posted in the course syllabus. Additionally, the Student Learning Center is an on-campus resource that offers tutoring, writing assistance, study skills workshops, and more. These services are offered on a drop-in basis, and there is no charge.

My student has a disability. What kinds of services are available, and how do we arrange for them?

Students with disabilities should contact the Disabled Students' Program as soon as they receive an offer to the program. Providing any accommodation will take time. Given the accelerated nature of our summer sessions, we ask that you allow plenty of time after you submit an application to receive the requested accommodation/services in a timely manner.